Reformation Heritage Books

Our friend Steve Renkema, manager of Reformation Heritage Books, was interviewed by Ingrid Schlueter on CrossTalk yesterday about books. The interview provides a nice look behind the scenes of a rising Reformed publisher.

Related: RHB produced the 2006 TSS Book-of-the-Year — Meet the Puritans.
Related: RHB is currently working on the Works of William Perkins.
Related: Find TSS reviews of RHB titles here.

3 thoughts on “Reformation Heritage Books

  1. i definitely missed that post on Perkins Works being in the process of publication. very exciting. any other Puritan books news that I may have missed?

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I can’t wait to listen. I live in the Grand Rapids area and visit the RHB store often. Steve is so helpful he has been an incredible blessing in my growth as a Christian. If I mention a topic he can point me to more quality titles than I can afford (even thought they have great prices too).

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