13 thoughts on “BoSox win game one

  1. please tell me you’re not a redsox fan! if the haven that is the shepherd’s scrapbook begins bragging about redsox victories i don’t know what i might do. i live in the heart of redsox country and this is my one escape. i can’t take it any more!!! (slightly joking).

  2. Yes, indeed. I am a BoSox fan — since 1985 to be sure. And the way the Sox a playing this wont be the last time the Sox appear on TSS. If you cannot get away from them, you should just join them. :-) T

  3. We’ll I should have told you this earlier but Yankee fans are prohibited from commenting on TSS. You’re not one of them ones is ya?

  4. Cinderella Rockies! The only reason to pull for the BoSox is that they are the last team Yankee fans want to win. I don’t know how the Rockies can overcome Beckkkkkkett in game 1, 4 and 7.

  5. I’m the fan of a good game. I want to see game 7, Fenway rockn’, the only pitcher left in the pen is Eric Gagne, bases loaded, Willy Tavaras hits one off the Coke bottle, Sox get 7 runs off Morales in the bottom of the 20th inning.

    Actually, I’d take anything over a 13-1 game!

  6. From the view of a Sox fan, Justin, the 13-1 games are just fine with me. No extra innings and oh it makes me cringe to think of Gagne pitching in the 7th game in extra innings. Four blowouts are just fine! :-) T

  7. it is odd that gagne is performing so poorly for Boston. i thought Dice-K was headed down the same road when he seemed to choke up in earlier play-off games. boston takes the series in five. i just hope the Yanks can buy Elisbury before he signs a huge deal with the Sox. that kid has a bright future.

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