Books for your bride, from mine

kare.jpgHello TSS readers!

This week I’ll be out of town and I’m handing the keys to TSS over to my precious wife, Karalee. My wife is noticeably smarter than I and she runs a very successful and popular home decorating blog. She knows what she’s doing!

For those long-time readers, you may recall a few of her guest appearances in the past. Like the time she hacked into TSS to surprise me (security has been tightened). And who could forget the last time she appeared – a 9-month pregnant, expectant mother with an excellent book review of Shopping for Time? That book review has been read more than any of mine!

Well, this time Karalee is back, and with a series of posts devoted for those men who face the weekly experience of confessing to their wives that they (yet again) purchased the latest book featured on TSS.

This series is a gift-buying guide from my wife, to help you buy some books for your wife. Hopefully this will help you take the first steps in offsetting your personal book expenses this year.

Stay tuned and have fun!


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