kare.jpgThis morning I am overwhelmed with appreciation for my wife. Over the past week she has written some very helpful posts, giving you married male TSS readers a way to soften the year-end book budget surprise that’s coming when your wife compiles the final expenditures (you can’t say we didn’t warn you!).

I am blessed to have such a multi-skilled wife. Even with three small kids clawing and tugging at their mommy throughout the day like she was a rock climbing wall, and under normal online demands as a respected blogger in her own field, Karalee graciously added one more task into her busy schedule and served me for the past week by freeing me from TSS blog duties. And for that I say, “Thank you, precious!”

That’s what I call her – “my precious” (and sometimes in a less-than-romantic Gollum voice. Pray for me). For all your valuable help this past week I say, “Thank you, precious!” And to use a bit of proverbial elitism: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all” (Pro. 31:29).

Your charm, wit, and blogging skill I’ve come to love was evident in every post. And so it was no surprise to see the TSS blog authority on Technorati peaked to its highest point ever during the past week! Maybe – as was pointed out by a friend – I should just let you do your thing and stay out of the way. That would be great for the stats, but most unreasonable and impractical (I cannot cook, for one).

Ahoy! I’m docked and anchored and back. You’re stuck with me. So sit back and together we’ll watch the TSS blog stats drop back to reality.


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