For God so loved …

tsslogo.jpgHello TSS readers! A very lengthy Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close today as my family and I travel home. It was a wonderful time with friends and family back in Nebraska.

I want to bring to your attention a recent and ongoing debate over a critical question — Why does God act? I want to look at this debate in fuller detail (especially the way Jonathan Edwards develops this theme).

For now, here is the recent debate over whether it’s right to say that God acts for His own glory or not. It’s all worth reading …

Ben Witherington (11.20.07) “Let me be clear that of course the Bible says it is our obligation to love, praise, and worship God, but this is a very different matter from the suggestion that God worships himself, is deeply worried about whether he has enough glory or not, and his deepest motivation for doing anything on earth is so that he can up his own glory quotient, or magnify and praise himself.”

Denny Burk responds (11.21.07)

John Piper responds (11.24.07)

Sam Storms responds (11.26.07)

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