Interpreting the Psalms by Mark D. Futato

book announcement
Interpreting the Psalms: An Exegetical Handbook (Kregel: 2007)
by Mark D. Futato

“Futato takes his student by the hand through the complexities of Hebrew poetry, soars high to get a bird’s eye view of the book and its themes, returns to earth and deftly guides through the thorny patch of textual criticism, gives ‘Aha’ moments in explaining form criticism and how the Psalter’s categories refer to Christ, and ends with practical pointers on how to preach the book. Next time I teach the Book of Psalms this will be my text.”’

— Bruce Waltke, Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

Notes: A background in Hebrew will help the reader grasp the details of this book. However, preachers with little or no Hebrew background will also benefit from most of the discussion. … The section comparing the old/new perspectives on Hebrew parallelism is especially helpful (see pp. 37-41). In the past, interpreters like C.S. Lewis have concluded that parallels in the Psalms were redundant. Futato argues these parallels display “the art of saying something similar in both cola but with a difference added in the second colon” (p. 38). With this new understanding of Hebrew parallelism the interpreter is less likely to “flatten the text” and will glean “a richer reading” from these parallels (p. 40). … The book also excels in explaining the overarching themes of the Psalter. It may have been better titled, An Exegetical and Theological Handbook. A very helpful new volume.

5 thoughts on “Interpreting the Psalms by Mark D. Futato

  1. Hello, JD! Yes, Spurgeon is a devotional/expositional walk through the Psalms. Futato is educating the expositor to accurately handle interpreting the Psalms for themselves. This book is more foundational. Make sense? T

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