Top TSS posts from 2007

tsslogo.jpgAt the end of the year I take interest in looking at which TSS posts caught the attention of you, the readers. And so today I offer a list of the top 20 (or so) posts from 2007.

At nearly 10,000 hits in the past year, The Blank Bible series remained our most popular posts throughout 2007. Though the series was completed in 2006, it was encouraging to see a number of TSS readers complete Blank Bibles in 2007. The Holy Spirit illuminates our hearts by His Word when carefully read and study the Bible for ourselves. So I find the popularity of this series encouraging because the additional pages for notes and reflection shows that you eagerly anticipate hearing from God Himself through His Word. This is very encouraging!

And I was very encouraged and (to be honest) a bit surprised at the interest in our Spring series hiking step-by-step up a steep chunk of Calvin’s Institutes. Along with learning much about the life, piety, and complexities of Calvin I also gained a deeper appreciation for my title as a “Calvinist.” Watching Calvin make systematic conclusions with Scripture and seeing his exegesis dive into the depths of God’s wisdom has helped me to embrace “Calvinism” rather than make excuses for the label. I wish to return to this series at some time in the future to further discover the full depth and breadth of Calvin-ism. Calvin was much deeper than I thought and more relevant than I anticipated. It appears from these hit stats that many other TSS readers would agree.

But it was no surprise that my wife’s posts in 2007 captured your interest. Karalee wrote numbers 11, 16 and 17 on this list. Hopefully in the future she will have a spare moment to make some other TSS appearances!

Based upon the number of hits per post in 2007, here are the top 20 (or so) …

1. TSS Blank Bible > Series Index

2. Humble Calvinism > Series index

3. Review: ESV Literary Study Bible

4. The Puritan Study > Series Index

5. History and Theology of the Puritans by Packer

6. TSS Book of the Year, 2006: Meet the Puritans

7. Photo tour through Crossway Books

8. Interview with C.J. Mahaney on biblical manhood

9. Review The Future of Justification by John Piper

10. Derek Thomas on John Owen

11. Books for Your Bride series

12. Review: Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges

13. Dever on books > 2007 Sovereign Grace Leaders Conference

14. TSS Books of the Year, 2007

15. Powlison on introspection > 2007 Sovereign Grace Leaders Conference

16. Books for Your Bride: One Size Fits All

17. Review: Shopping for Time by the girltalk bloggers

18. Free Book: Come Unto Me by Tony Reinke

19. Review: The Complete Works of Thomas Boston

20. My personal sermon notes on Psalm 73

21. On writing book reviews

22. Dave Harvey > Critiquing the Missional Movement

23. Interview with Leland Ryken on The Literary Study Bible

One thought on “Top TSS posts from 2007

  1. Thanks for posting this list, Tony. I hadn’t yet read your wife’s posts- they were great! My wife got a kick out of you buying your own Christmas presents in September. She found it so amusing because we have the same issue around here. However this year I practiced restraint (and emailed her my wish list from Monergism); she did a great job!
    Hope you are settling comfortably into your new home.

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