… finds a good thing

In our home we regularly rise up and call my wife, Karalee, “blessed.” It’s biblical and usually happens at the close of our dinners (with increased frequency and volume after pizza). The kids and I raise our hands to the sky and yell, “BLESSED!!!” And then repeat several times and waive our hands as if we were all participating in the wave. Usually we cry out “BLESSED!” four times before being hushed.

I’m thinking of this practice because I’m reminded tonight of my precious wife of almost 10 years. Today Carolyn Mahaney wrote an encouraging little piece about my wife (and posted a picture of “my girls”). What a joy to find a wife who willingly relocates her home and family without complaint. What a precious wife! Thanks Carolyn for this post. I am reminded how infrequently I thank her. So Karalee (if you’re reading this and not changing a diaper), I owe you some “blesseds!”

I love you!


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2 thoughts on “… finds a good thing

  1. My girlfriend and her family (and me when I’m over for dinner) often stand up and do the wave around the dinner table shouting “BLESSED!” (as each person stands up) in honor of their Mom. :-) We usually get around the table two or three times. It’s very cool to hear that other families honor their Moms this way too. :-)

  2. Amen! We have all been blessed by Karalee in amazing ways. You have an amazing wife, Tone! Love you ol’ bro. ;)

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