5 thoughts on “Super Bowl church parties

  1. The last Superbowl party we had (all were in someone’s home) was the (in)famous “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson.

    That and a few racy commercials put an end to the “church sponsored” activity.

    With the greatness of TiVo I can pass by what I don’t want and/or need.

    Incidentally, hasn’t that always been against the rules, the public broadcast? Isn’t that what the disclaimer at the end of each show is about?

  2. I was most shocked by the churches considering taking legal action against the NFL. Pretty crazy.

  3. Greetings. There’s something about broadcasting a football game in the church building that gives me unease. It doesn’t seem right. But it’s just my opinion.

    God bless!

  4. Keep in mind that this is the law as interpreted by the NFL. Ultimately, until tested in the courts, their opinion has no legal meaning. I am surprised that so many people confuse an NFL statement with a supreme court ruling.

  5. But Football is one of America’s gods; it doesn’t seem terribly surprising to consider the words of the priests of the NFL as binding.

    I did like the article; more for the information on the culture of the church rather than the opinion of the NFL. I’ve never been to a church with a Super Bowl party (meaning one sponsored by the church, I’ve been to church members’ homes but not as an ‘official’ church function), I was in too fundamentalist of a church in my youth, and when I went to college I became Reformed/Presbyterian and the SuperB owl doesn’t quite fit into the Word and Sacrament functions.

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