Info please: Octavius Winslow

tss-john-calvin-coffee.jpgTSS readers have a track record of supplying rare biographical and bibliographical information. So here goes another request.

Today, a seminary student contacted me who is pursuing a PhD and wants to study the homiletics of Octavius Winslow (1808-1878). Here’s what’s needed:

(1) Biographical details of Winslow’s life and ministry (beyond the short summary in his books).

(2) Access to Winslow’s original sermon manuscripts (if they exist).

If you know of where to find these details, or have possible leads, please leave comments.

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Info please: Octavius Winslow

  1. Dear Tony,

    As a regular reader, I’m inspired! Thank you…

    I remember you telling what podcast software you use, but can’t find it on your site. I hate to bother you for info, but I can’t find it. Can you help, please?



  2. I’m not sure what you mean by podcast software. I use Audacity to edit audio and iTunes to add all the tags to the file. The podcast streams on the right column through a built-in flash player. Does this answer your question? T

  3. Tony,

    Currently the only one informations concerning Winslow’s life and ministry I’ve found are:

    “A Pastoral Letter, Addressed to The Church and Congregation assembling in the Warwick-Street Chapel, Leamington by Octavius Winslow, 1852” available at Google Books at this link:

    The Sunday Magazine for 1878 drops a note of his passed away pointing out some events of his life. It’s available at Google books here:,+Leamington&dq=Winslow,+Leamington&lr=&hl=pt-BR

    “The Minister’s Final Care: A Discourse, delivered on relinquishig the pastoral care of the Central Baptist Church, New York, 1836” not available at Google Books, unfortunately.


  4. Tony,

    A few more resources:

    The United Presbyterian Magazine for 1871 tell us of the “conversion” of Winslow to the Established Church (Church of England). You can read it at Google Books (pag. 95):,+Church+of+England&dq=Octavius+Winslow,+Church+of+England&lr=&hl=pt-BR

    “The Baptist Magazine for 1839” tell us of Winslow’s acceptation of the invitation to be pastor of the Church at Leamington and when he started his pastoral labours there. Available at Google Books:,+pastoral&lr=&hl=pt-BR#PPA383,M1

    “A History of the Stanton Street Baptist Church, in the City of New York with a sketch of its Pastors and a register of the entire membership, 1860” contais much valuable information in the Winslow’s early church life and conversion and first labour pastoral. Available at Google Books:,+pastoral&lr=&hl=pt-BR

    “Royal Lemington Spa: Its History and Development” has some informations concerning Winslow’s ministry there. It’s not available at Google Books but sells it for $28 plus shipping costs.

    I hope it helps!


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