“Dwell where the cries of Calvary can be heard”

tsslogo.jpg“The best preaching is, ‘We preach Christ crucified.’ The best living is, ‘We are crucified with Christ.’ The best man is a crucified man. The best style is a crucified style: may we drop into it! The more we live beholding our Lord’s unutterable griefs, and understanding how he has fully put away our sin, the more holiness shall we produce. The more we dwell where the cries of Calvary can be heard, where we can view heaven, and earth, and hell, all moved by his wondrous passion—the more noble will our lives become. Nothing puts life into men like a dying Savior. Get you close to Christ, and carry the remembrance of him about you from day to day, and you will do right royal deeds. Come, let us slay sin, for Christ was slain. Come, let us bury all our pride, for Christ was buried. Come, let us rise to newness of life, for Christ has risen. Let us be united with our crucified Lord in his one great object — let us live and die with him, and then every action of our lives will be very beautiful.”

-C.H. Spurgeon, sermon “To Lovers of Jesus” (#1834) delivered by C.H. Spurgeon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle on Nov. 2, 1884

5 thoughts on ““Dwell where the cries of Calvary can be heard”

  1. That is just wonderful! I was reading one of his sermons a couple weeks ago and like most of his sermons, the cross was central. He remarked on why he was yet again preaching on something as simple as the cross by telling the story of a missionary named Judson. Judson was a missionary to India who was back in England for a time and was asked to preach. He did preach and preached on the cross. When asked later why he didn’t tell stories of his “adventures” he said something to the effect of “in all my travels, there is no story greater than the cross”…. Spurgeon agreed with Judson.

    May Christ Crucified be on all of our lips!

  2. Thanks Tony.

    Tony, I’d like to ask you some questions about SGM, outside of this blog. I’m hesitant to post my email online, and I see you’ve wisely concealed yours.

    Does my email show up on your end when I post? Can you forward me your contact info?

    In Domino,

  3. These are beautiful words that Spurgeon wrote. They are saturated with scripture even though there are not any references.Praise and Glory to Christ Jesus.

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