3 excellent new albums

I was blessed in the first half of 2008 to attend three separate conferences for college students. Each of the conferences were God-glorifying and soul-edifying and each of the conferences were marked by an excellence in musical worship. And to my great delight, studio recordings of each conference band allow me to relive the musical worship. Here they are (with links to iTunes):

1) Lu, or, Looked Upon by the Na Band (Na Conference; Louisville, KY). Watching Devon Kauflin lead worship with his dad Bob supporting him on keys was a neat experience at the 2008 New Attitude conference in Louisville. The songs played live at the conference and recorded in the studio on this album are deeply rooted in the cross of Christ. Track 11, “All I Have is Christ,” is fabulous. Lu (short for Looked Upon) is Wg (that is, worth getting). A superb album. Cross centeredness: A+. [UPDATE: You can download several live recordings from the conference here.]

2) Adore and Tremble by Daniel Renstrom (Missio Dei conference; Wake Forest, NC). My first trip to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I had not heard of Daniel before the conference and really didn’t know him after the conference either. I thanked him in person for playing, and assumed he was *just* a gifted college ministry worship leader—until I returned home and received a copy of his album. I immediately recognized his songs featured at the conference. The lyrics include some beautiful, pure cross-centered statements. In the song “At the Cross” he sings, “At the cross, wrath was taken away, / and Christ was in our place. / What marvelous grace. / At the cross, justice was supplied, / by the blood of Christ.” And in the song “Where Could I Go” Daniel takes the cross and daily life and ties them together beautifully. Cross centeredness: A.

3) O For That Day by Enfield, the Resolved Band (Resolved Conference; Palm Springs, CA). The album features solid biblical lyrics and strings from beginning to end. And I listen to it from beginning to end on long drives and long walks. Hearing them play live was a great but the album itself sounds “live” too and you can get a sense of being at the conference (if you play the album loud enough). Though on the album you don’t get C.J. on drums like you do live. All said, it’s a great addition to a musical library (track 4 was written from Isaiah 6 and is worth the price of the entire album). Cross centeredness: B-.

Consider each of these three albums for your iPod as you seek to worship God throughout the day. Each will help foster worship to our gracious God. And each of these albums are reminders of the amazing depth of God’s gracious working in the hearts of a younger generation of Christians—in three diverse spheres in North America—who are writing, playing, and recording excellent God-exalting music.

How God must love to pour out the generous musical gifts (like those featured on these albums) to glorify Himself!

3 thoughts on “3 excellent new albums

  1. To get you hooked; in the tune of: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

    Israel worshipped Ashtoreth and Israel worshipped Baal
    So the Lord grew mad at them and sold them down the rail
    They served Cushan-Rishathaim until God changed His mind
    And then Othniel He raised up to be Judge isn’t He kind?
    And the land had rest until old Othniel died

    Eglon king of Moab was as fat as he could be
    His people conquered Israel and made them pay a fee
    Ehud came with tribute and a message from the Lord
    And then left-handed Ehud gave him eighteen inches of sword
    And so Israel was delivered by the Lord

    Jabin king of Canaan reigned and ruled with harsh oppression
    Israel had sinned again but now they made confession
    Deborah was prophetess and Barak had command
    And they routed old Sisera and drove him from the land
    To a woman with a hammer in her hand

    Israel turned away again from God, it didn’t please Him
    So He called for Midian and brought them to police ’em
    They would steal their breakfast
    and their supper and their lunch
    Until Israel was hungry and afraid of this bunch
    And their poverty had hit them like a punch

    Hidden in the winepress was a quite unlikely hero
    To the rescue he was called although his strength was zero
    Gideon took courage in the power of the Lord
    And with three hundred men
    he broke the might of Midian’s horde
    Just to make it plain the victory is the Lord’s

    Jephthah was a fighter but he did not have much backing
    All his brothers said “You’re not of us!” and sent him packing
    How they wished when Ammon came
    that they had not so done
    For their one hope of victory was in this rejected son
    Tell me, doesn’t that remind you of Someone?

    The nameless king of Ammon
    tried his hand at some oppression
    History was not his friend, so Jephthah gave him lessons
    When the talk was over Jephthah beat him like a drum;
    When you fight God’s anointed you’ll be shown to be a bum
    In the present age or in the one to come

    Things are so much better, now the rightful Judge is ruling
    He has made us righteous and forgiven all our fooling
    Let the nations hear it; Jesus is the Judge and King
    He will rule us forever and our tributes we will bring
    He will have His way, let all creation sing!

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