Good riddance, Manny

Some friends who know of my attachment to the Boston Red Sox have recently emailed to inquire my thoughts on the Manny Ramirez trade. Well here was my response … relieved.

Manny has been a great offensive force for the Sox, but his demand for a contract extension has become a team nuisance and his play under the shadow of the Monster has been horrific.

One play captures his “fielding.” In a game in late July, Manny misjudged a blooper to LF and slid past the ball missing it by a couple feet! Manny got up and ran back to where the ball had come to a complete stop and pulled something of an old stop, drop, and roll routine like he was on fire (never the case in LF) finally coming to a stop laying flat on his back with the ball under his butt. The guys at SportsCenter were in tears it was so bad (you can see the entire blooper here).

To top off this season with the Sox, Manny was recently listed by Mike Freeman as one of the top 50 athlete jerks of all time [article includes some rough language].

Manny will, however, be a useful example in our home and to my son as I teach him that the stats on the back of his Upper Deck baseball cards cannot capture the whole story of a ballplayer’s worth. There is teamsmanship, an effort on the field, and (most importantly) an attitude each player brings.

Manny’s uniform color has changed but Manny will always be Manny. He will continue to hit well but bring his poor attitude and clueless fielding. Sadly the “Manny will be Manny” chant fits because of how many people have given up hope that his attitude will ever change. I for one think it can change, and know of One who can radically transform the heart. But it will take more than a change in leagues, a change in teams, and a change in coasts, for this to happen.

For now Manny is still Manny (look carefully at this picture) …

12 thoughts on “Good riddance, Manny

  1. Tony, I wont argue with you about Manny’s attitude issues. We have all sinned and fall short…

    I will start praying for his salvation now that he is my new favorite player.

    Bill (Long time Dodger Fan)

    PS Manny hit a home run yesterday and went 4 for 4 today (Lord’s Day) with one deep. At least on the field Manny being Manny is sweet :-)

  2. I’ve been a Red Sox for 40 years. I appreciate along with millions of others how Manny was an indispensable part of the two WS championships that some of us thought we would never live to see. On the other hand, Manny’s actions these past few weeks have led me to the conclusion that he is the most selfish professional athlete I have ever seen. He was willing to sacrifice his team’s chances for another post season run (a team on which he claims to have dear friends, including David Ortiz) in exchange for one goal, viz. erasing the two option years on his contract. He put his goal above the ownership, the team, the fans, his respect for the game, and the privilege to play baseball. Yes, he’ll be in the Hall of Fame and his quirks will be likened to Yogi Berra’s malapropisms but in my mind Manny is a product of Marvin Miller’s nightmare.

  3. I don’t think it has anything to do with the number of outs, Manny is just waving to some of his Texas Longhorn fans.

    Tony, my friend Al (Angel fan) is the man I told you about when I was begging you to move to So Cal a couple years ago to help Al and I in starting up a SG church in Orange County. (Good for you in listening to God instead of me! Look where you are now.)

  4. Longhorns? Not your best material. … Good to hear from you, Bill! It is an honor to be in MD, as it would have been a deep honor to be on the other coast. Much grace shown to this unworthy sinner.

    So why are you NOT an Angels fan, Bill? They are tearing up the AL West. You should rethink your team choices, especially with the Manny trade.

    Blessings, my friend!


  5. Tony you are the best. All of a sudden now that you know I like Manny (hitting over 600 in the AZ series with 2 dingers), my material stinks. It never has before, at least you never mentioned it.

    Ok, I will agree to change to the Angels if you agree to change to the Yankees. It’s that simple.


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