The Process of the Pardon

Voice (Curtis Allen) recently released a new rap album, The Process of the Pardon. The album features the gospel via hard hip-hop and features some theological insights from Dr. Wayne Grudem on the ordo salutis (track 11) and Dr. J. Ligon Duncan on covenant theology (tracks 4 and 5). Another wonderful rap album with biblically derived, Christ-honoring lyrics. I encourage you to check it out.

Voice graciously granted permission to post track 14, “Here I Stand.” Have a listen …

14. Here I Stand [4:13]



7 thoughts on “The Process of the Pardon

  1. I’m a big rap fan, but it can be difficult to find music with decent / redeeming lyrics. I’m pretty excited about the music coming from the artists on the Reach Records label. Thanks for posting the track. I enjoyed it very much. ;)

  2. Great song! Tony…being a rap fan you definitely need to check out Toussaint-The Cross of Christ 101. Great theology and great quality and sound.

  3. I’ve also come across Shai Linne. Just posted about him here. Never thought in a million years that I’d be promoting or encouraging the listening of “rap” or “hip-hop.” Never say never, and God is sovereign!


    Doctrine Matters

  4. I recently ran sound for another stellar Christian Rap artist named Shai Linn at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville last week. His newest album – “The Atonement” – is of fantastic quality with creative artistry throughout and with great cross-centered lyrics.

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