The Complete Works of Thomas Manton

For each the past several years we’ve been blessed with at least one monumental publishing achievement that furthers the Puritan legacy. This year I’m excited to announce one of the most important Puritan projects of the year—and certainly one of the most important I’ve seen in my 6 years of reading and collecting precious Puritan works!

Solid Ground Christian Books has printed and is now shipping a new photolithographed, cloth-covered, sewn-bound, edition of the 22-volume (10,500 page!) Complete Works of Thomas Manton.

I’ve been (gently) criticized by my blog readers for saying that Manton is overall more valuable for expositional research than John Owen, Richard Sibbes, and Thomas Goodwin. But I stand by my placement of Manton in the Puritan Library series and soon I will begin arguing that (1) because of Manton’s excellent biblical insights, (2) warm application of eternal truths to daily life, and (3) because of the excellent 250 page indices in the back of the Works, he is one of the most helpful and useful of all the Puritans for the preaching pastor. Can I argue successfully? You be the judge.

Bottom line: This set is an epic feat in recent Puritan publishing. And over the next few weeks I’ll be looking closer at the set and talking with those familiar with Manton in order to bring substance to that very claim.

6 thoughts on “The Complete Works of Thomas Manton

  1. Tony,

    Having recently acquired this set, and after perusing it, I am going to be inclined to agree with you. I own most of the sets in your “Puritan Library series,” and this Manton set has so many expositions of Scripture (especially of NT epistles) that nothing in the Puritan canon seems to come close. Especially with that massive index to point the preacher even more deeply into the set.

    PS: How on earth do you get such well-lit and clear photos of your books? As a beginner digital photographer, I must beg you to share your secrets! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Scott. The index sets Manton apart big time!! … As per photographs. My pics are a combination of tricks–part photographic technology, part redneck duct tape contraption, and (large) part PhotoShop manipulating the crud out of mediocre pictures. Someday I’ll reveal all the secrets but not soon.



  3. Excellent blog – Manton is certainly tremendous although I’m not sure I could rank him above Owen . But then again we are really debating genius or most genius.

  4. Tony,

    I agree with your assessment of Manton on at least one level. Manton may not have the theological precision that Owen had, but the theological depth, expositions and applications found in the multitude of his printed sermons in this set is almost unparalleled (with the exception of Edwards). I have heard several men say that Manton is not in the same class with other Puritans, but having read so many now I would disagree. He is superb. I would recommend his sermons on the Transfiguration of Christ and his sermons on the Lord’s Prayer for those who would want a taste of his contribution to the church. Thanks for the post.

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