Guide to Bavinck

– Do you read Bavinck daily?

– Do you read De Algemeene Genade to your children before bed?

– Are you tempted in your morning devotions to read exclusively from Our Reasonable Faith?

– Do you shudder to think of purposefully ripping your copies of Reformed Dogmatics?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, you are a Bavinck junkie. And today is a good day for you because Reformation Heritage just released a Guide to the Writings of Herman Bavinck by Eric Bristley. Eric does a fine job indexing the works of Bavinck, helping readers see the scope of books, lectures, brochures, articles, government speeches, and translated works available. The book includes a nifty little Bavinck bio I think you will enjoy and a list of links for further online resources. And if those links excited you, well, that’s proof yet again.

2 thoughts on “Guide to Bavinck

  1. That is funny. Thanks for catching that. I was thinking about linking to my photos as I wrote that sentence–a sub-conscious photo bias! That’s deep!


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