53 thoughts on “ESV Study Bible

  1. It really looks good. The lettering on the spine looks better than on the ESV website. Is there anyway to get rid of the triangle on the front. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

  2. Wow. It looks great! I can honestly say I am long-suffering for mine. Hopefully an elf will bring mine this year.

  3. What are doing? Trying to make us covet here? I’m drooling and hoping I’m not committing bibliolatry!

  4. Love the pictures, and thank you. I have a TruTone Classic Black on the way, and cannot wait. Tell me, are the pages that the beautiful, color illustrations are on — are they the same type of paper as used throughout the Bible or different weight and texture?
    Also, please inform me (and perhaps other readers)the best way to open and break in a brand new Bible. Thanks.

  5. Tony–

    Glad to see you got yours. Folks in Texas must have been on the end of the list.

    I have to ask–why the trutone black over the cool brown?

  6. I told my family that I found a bigger nerd than me in the blogosphere… you… photographing the unpacking of the next great study Bible!

    I received mine today too, but unfortunately they sent the hardcover instead of the TruTone Brown I ordered. So I will have to wait until Monday for my own unpacking ceremony.

    Congrats and enjoy!

  7. I’m el-cheapo and went with the hardcover. They seem to work better for me and the way that I use them (and stand them). Also went with the cheapest delivery service so I probably won’t get mine until next month!
    Oh well, I’m still going through my Reformation Study Bible and HCSB apologetics bible that I recently purchased.

  8. Ha! Nerd is an endearing term around my house (at least my wife and kids say so). I decided to keep the hardcover they sent and am giving it to one of my daughters, so will still await the Brown Tru-Tone early next week.

    I really like to carry my study Bible (used to the NASB Open Bible which is short on textual notes and easy to carry)… but it doesn’t look like I’ll be dragging this out with me much except for study sessions. It’s whopping thick!

    Have you checked out the online version yet? It is AWESOME!

  9. I would love to try one, but here’s my hangup—–It is not available in a red-letter edition. Does anyone know why? I can’t understand why such a long-awaited study Bible would not be available in red letter??? Someone please help me understand……I am so frustrated. I just don’t “get it”.


  10. Love my ESVSB with the Black Tru-tone, BUT my triangle is unraveling! Just my LUCK! Still love it though….

  11. “I find Carson helpful [re: red-letter Bibles].”

    Agreed. All the same, the issue that Dr. Carson addresses in that article is a classic example of original intent being mangled and perverted beyond recognition. “Red-letter Christianity” was surely the furthest thing from Louis Klopsch’s mind.

    The ESV blog had a good post on the subject a couple of years ago.

  12. My Black TruTone Bible just arrived and I love it, love it, love it! It’s not as big as I expected…

  13. Well, everyone seems to say it’s too big to carry to church. Maybe I’ve been to the gym too much, but it’s incredibly lighter than folks make out.

  14. After a week of using this new ESV Study Bible, I think it fair to say that it is the best, most detailed and objective Study Bible there is. I used to regard the NIV Study Bible as best for it’s detail and fine concordance. This Bible has eclipsed the NIV and there is only one criticism; it is massive. That however is a small price to pay for something that is as well done as this!!

  15. would like to know how you took the pictures, lighting, background etc, to get the look you did.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

  16. Tony,

    did you get a hardcover one also? I am curious over the quality of binding on the hardcover, some are just not that good. I do like the idea for this bible. I want to do a ESV bible with commentary of puritans! I wonder if crossway will let me do it!

  17. After reading these posts, I’m soooo excited! I just ordered mine today from an ebay store and I feel like I’m seven again waiting for Christmas to get here! The expectation of using this study bible has ignited something….I just can’t articulate! All I know is that the “hum-drums” I’ve been in spiritually for quite a while, are suddenly a thing of the past. I just wanted to say, “Thank you so much everyone!”

  18. Oh…and P.S. Since I’ve just recently lost 46 pounds…I’m praying that it’s every bit as heavy as everyone is making out. Nothing wrong with working up a holy sweat! LOL! It would be worse…we could be Moses luggin around God’s word…hahahahaha!

  19. My eyes are going bad, and I really wanted to find a LARGE PRINT version of the ESV Study. Does anybody know?

  20. Question for Tony and current comment thread:

    Would you recommend Tru-tone or Genuine Leather? Which is better for long term durability? This is my dilemma as I contemplate taking the ESVSB plunge…



  21. I love the ESV and would like to see it in:
    1. brown (real) leather
    2. red letter
    3.thumbed indexed (only for my constant forgetting minor prophets)

  22. Tony, et. al., I bought the brown Tru-Tone edition and really like a lot of things about it. I moved out of my old standby, the Ryrie NASB. I wish other study bibles, especially the ESV, would follow the format of Ryrie with respect to: 1) The cross references are much easier to find, using the verse number as the main ref. number, and letters as sub-references. 2) The font of the references are larger or darker, not requiring me to grab a magnifying glass or reading glasses. 3) The cross reference verse number is in bold print if there is an accompanying bottom-of-the-page note.

    With those improvements, the ESV Study Bible would be even better IMO.


  23. Hello. I say on Amazon.com and CBD that a large print ESV Study Bible is coming soon, roughly around Feb. 2010 (ISBN: 9781433514814). Anyone know if there is any truth to this?

  24. I will answer my own question. The large print ESV Study Bible has indeed been released. I just ordered mine from Westminster Theo. Seminary. And it will be received by 3/2. Can’t wait because my 30-something year old eyes can’t adjust to the font size of the regular version ESVSB. BTW, according the official ESV website, leather versions of the large print will be published soon.

  25. Would it be alright to use your photo as a promo image for my youth group? We’re a group of under thirty and I’d be adding a little text to the image. Thanks, Ransom

  26. We are designing a website for our church in New Zealand and I need a photograph of a Bible. Would it be Ok if I use the photograph (6th from the top) in this page.



  27. Tony,
    I’d also like to use the 6th from the top image for our church plant’s website, if you don’t mind? It’s a nice pic.

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