3 thoughts on “Worm Theology

  1. What about the Ichneumon Wasp? It plants its eggs in a living host, and when the eggs hatch, they feed on the host internally, killing it before they break forth into new life.

    As Calvin says, creation convinces men and women that God exists, but what kind of God? Ay, there’s the rub. Apart from the vision of God on the Cross, there is no assurance that the Creator is a kind and beneficent Father, which thought alone is the wellspring of our worship. C.S. Lewis said it well: “the universe is a very dangerous and terrifying place” It is the habitation of ichneumon wasps.

    Creation cannot move us to worship God outside of the vision of the Crucified. Piper needs to add this qualification.

  2. Love Pastor John’s passion on this… “Nobody wants to watch it with me. My wife won’t watch it. My daughter won’t watch it. They think it’s gross…”

    I think my wife won’t watch it with me either. She hates species with more than four legs. I’m going to get the DVD someday and make my family to watch it. Thanks for the video.

  3. Evolutionists beware! John Piper is being let loose with “worm theology!”

    I guess this is a side-note for Tony. I am not sure how to email him but Paul Washer gave a powerful message at the revival conference God allowed me to run in Atlanta, Georgia. It would be great to see the video featured on this blog. I made a website url just for the video: http://www.tenindictments.com


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