C.J., Jerry Bridges, and the Cross

Tuesday afternoon C.J. recorded an interview with Dr. Jerry Bridges, author of so many excellent cross-centered books like The Discipline of Grace and The Gospel for Real Life. I’ll let you know when the audio is posted online.

It was humbling to sit in the studio and listen to them talk about the importance of the cross. When it comes to learning what it means to live a cross-centered life, God has more effectively used no two living authors in my life than C.J. Mahaney (on the left) and Jerry Bridges (on the right). Sitting in the studio and listening to these men talk about the cross ranks as one of my life’s highlights.

A friend snapped this photo during the recording.


5 thoughts on “C.J., Jerry Bridges, and the Cross

  1. Tony, I have many questions for you, but first things first, what is in the bottle to your right? It is curiously tan and in what appears to be a reused water bottle. I want details.

  2. Erik, as much as I would love to say that the little bottle to my right was topped off under a studio tap of Calvinius, unfortunately it’s nothing more than good ol’ fashioned ice tea loaded with antioxidants. Sorry to deflate your expectations, my friend. Tony

  3. I would not have expected you to put something so lovely as Calvinius in ‘old wineskins’ like a reused water bottle. Studio tap…that’s funny. Take care Tony.

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