The mark of the wounds

From the end of a letter written by Jonathan Edwards to Deborah Hatheway (June 3, 1741):

“Don’t talk of things
of religion
and matters of experience
with an air of lightness and laughter,
which is too much the manner in many places.
In all your course,
walk with God
and follow Christ
as a little,
helpless child,
taking hold of Christ’s hand,
keeping your eye
on the mark of the wounds
on his hands
and side,
whence came the blood
that cleanses you from sin
and hides
your nakedness
under the skirt of the white shining robe
of his righteousness.”

6 thoughts on “The mark of the wounds

  1. Love the God-saturatedness of Edwards. The Puritans are still read today for a reason! I just got Lawsons book on Edwards, cant wait to get into it! What do you think of Nichols book on Edwards?


  2. Nichols on Edwards is always good. I would make Marsden’s biography (Jonathan Edwards: A Life, Yale) a top priority if you haven’t read it. The best bio work on Edwards.

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