Glorifying God in our Christmas Shopping

I wrote a little feature article for on Christmas shopping. Really the goal of the article was to remind myself of three questions:

1. Does my gift serve the soul of the recipient?
2. Does my gift promise life transformation?
3. Does my gift encourage faith?

The article is now online here.

4 thoughts on “Glorifying God in our Christmas Shopping

  1. Really appreciate the article at One key takeaway from Tony:

    “As I make decisions this Christmas season about the gifts to buy, I want to evaluate my thinking behind each decision. Do my ‘things’ highlight the God of all grace, or do my ‘things’ encourage a God-forgetful worldliness?”

    Great (and convicting) question.

  2. wow. that’s challenging. i find it so easy to say “is the gift on their wish list?” and leave it at that.

    thanks for the reminder that in everything, even Christmas shopping, we have an opportunity to bring glory to God.

  3. Thanks for your work here Tony. My friend and I read your thoughts just moments before stepping into the King of Prussia Mall. It was quite helpful, produced some good thoughts, and prompted some good jokes about what exactly would serve our wives’ souls. Thanks!

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