Weekend Interview

I was born with a face for radio. And that is the extent of my qualifications for appearing on the airwaves. But this past Saturday Marcus Dahl interviewed me on the radio program “The Pastor’s Study Live” (980 AM KKMS in Minneapolis/St. Paul). During the interview Marcus and a few callers asked me questions on Puritan literature, books, reading, the Blank Bible, and other things. It was fun.

Download the program (27.2 MB) or listen online (39:31) here:

A list of books mentioned in the program:

5 thoughts on “Weekend Interview

  1. Mark Jones, on his blog, pointed out that there are textual differences between the original and 19th century editions of Thomas Goodwin. The 19th century edition sought to modernize the English to make it easier to read. If this is true of the other Puritans I wonder if modern editions are slowly drifting away from what was originally written.

    I don’t know if this is a problem with the content of new editions, but it would be sad, indeed, if their theology is also being changed.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Houston, TX

  2. Interesting. I did not realize you (a) were a pastor and (b) lived in Minneapolis. But then, maybe I’m mistaken on one or both of those counts.

    Either way, I look forward to hearing the interview.

  3. Robert, I cannot speak specifically to Goodwin although old versions of the Puritan works are affordable as electronic PDF files and that makes it fairly easy to compare an updated version of a specific work with its 16th or 17th century original. With the ease of access to these original editions, I’m not altogether concerned. To be sure some of the books we read were heavily edited to begin with (ie about half of Spurgeon’s autobiography was written by his wife and editors). But as for corruptibility, I’ve not personally seen it. Tony


    Hello Michael, (a) nope and (b) not any more. Thanks for reading/listening. Tony

  4. That was a great interview. It was cool to put a voice to the face. I’m really looking forward to those pictures of your library that you promised to upload. That’s gonna be sweet.

    Thanks for the links to the books. I was originally looking on Amazon and Volume 2 of Whitefield’s bio is not available so it’s nice that WTS has them.

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