11 thoughts on “Throw Down Your Heart

  1. You didn’t think so?

    The Flecktones have been on my iPod since, well, ever since before I had an iPod.

    Telluride Sessions is still great, even after 20 years.

  2. Tony –
    Had I known you were a fan of Bela I would have bugged you a lot more this past summer when my family visited Covenant Life!
    Just finished watching a sweet duet with Victor Wooten and Steve Smith last night… may all the Flecktones play for a long, long time!

  3. Bela Fleck is one of my all-time favorite artists for just sittin’ & listening while reading or enjoying the sunset and a cup of coffee on the back porch… put him together with Edgar Meyer (as in Music for Two) and you’ve got something REALLY special, as the two are greater than the sum of their already sublime parts.

  4. Actually brother, I’ve been listening to Bela Fleck for some 14 years, ever since I became a young jazz musician in my teens. I used to travel some significant distances to see the Flecktones in concert, and would love to see them at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado. To this day, I have yet to find a group of musicians that rival the Flecktones in overall uniqueness and talent.

    Check out Bela’s solo performances on “Perpetual Motions” — classical music on the banjo. Additionally, everyone should get a good dose of Victor Wooten’s solo albums. He is, in my opinion, the greatest electric bass player to have ever lived. Absolutely incredible what that man can do on 5 strings!

    I’m very excited for the documentary!

  5. A banjo in the hands of Bela Fleck!
    Yes, You’ve gotta dig that combo!
    And the banjo in the hands of some African musicians! Yes!!
    What do you mean, “Any Bela Fleck fans out there? … Didn’t think so.” … ?

    Changing subject and stating an opinion…
    A banjo in the hands of Bela Fleck is like a mandolin in the hands of Chris Thile.

  6. Thanks for the introduction to Bela Fleck. I had never heard of him before and I don;t remember ever hearing a banjo sound like that!

  7. “Throw Down Your Heart” is excellent; I saw it at the Silverdocs Festival last year. If you don’t like banjo before watching it, you will afterward.

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