Free Hymns

What?! Free hymns? Yep, and if that headline doesn’t clasp your collar and shake a little excitement into your browsing experience, I don’t know what will. The album is by Page CXVI who somehow mixed classic hymns and indie rock and this album was the result. No, the album is not for everyone. But for a limited time the entire album is free. Good stuff. [Hats off to our friend JT]

Page CXVI / “Hymns” album

1. Come Thou Fount
2. In Christ Alone
3. Joy
4. My Jesus I Love Thee
5. Nothing But The Blood
6. Solid Rock
7. When I Survey The Wonderful Cross

Download the album here.

14 thoughts on “Free Hymns

  1. Thank you brother; I am working overnight. It was great to be accompanied by this music. I haven’t chosen my favorite yet.

    God bless.

  2. I downloaded and listened to these. Crashing cymbals in “When I Survey the Wonderous Cross?” I love hymns and I love contemporary worship when done right. But I think these arrangements are horrible. The music does not even take into account the words or message of the hymns. Also, what is with the breathy singing voice that is so common in today’s pop music? Can’t anyone actually sing anymore?

    I love the idea of modernizing hymns but this attempt is not the answer. I was sorely disappointed.

  3. Like I said, Greg, this hymn project is not for everyone. I personally appreciated the the way Joy begins, almost totally out of sync with the lyrics, and the it concludes with “it is well with my soul” and you realize that the joy presented in the song is not circumstantial or exuberance, but a transcendent hope filled joy. Makes you think about the definition of “happy.” I found this arrangement quite brilliant! But I know my audience here on this blog, and that explains the disclaimer. Thanks for reading.

  4. I think these are bad versions that do no justice to the great hymns. If you want some good hymn music try Crossroads or Sovereign Grace music. Thanks for the link though Tony!

  5. Thank you Tony AND “Tom!”

    I love hymns. There’s nothing like them, with few exceptions. I concur with Tom wrt The Hymn Project from Canada, having been a fan of Steve Bell for some time!

    Come, Let us Worship!! Linda

  6. The music wars are still alive and well, I see. I have been on both sides of the battle and then I heard an echo of Aslan’s voice say, “That is not your story, Lucy”. And of Jesus’ words to Peter, “… what is that to you? You follow me!”

    Thanks, Tony, for sharing the link – I am enjoying the new (and old) interpretations of the hymns.


  7. Not a regular here, stumbled across this post while looking up more info on Page CXVI. I really like this album, especially the song Joy. When I Survey is the only song on the album I don’t care for, some of the tweaks to it are good but they fiddled with it too much.

    On the whole I love this album and really look forward to seeing more come from these guys.

  8. When I downloaded the album I only got five of the seven songs you listed. Did they remove some?

  9. Been listening to these hymns the past week. Totally agree on the arrangement of ‘Joy’. At first it was like ‘what’? … it turns out brilliantly thought provoking on what true joy is, in-spite of circumstances. I appreciate how the hymns in public domain are given creative commons license for people to use on videos and other productions. I can imagine someone already putting a piper sermon with one of these hymns as soundtrack?

    Yea, definitely won’t be able to do most of these arrangements for church congregational music, but I’m delighted whenever these hymns to shuffle in my iTunes/iPhone playlist.

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