Wayne Grudem + Systematic Theology

For the past four years Wayne Grudem has been teaching through his Systematic Theology in a Sunday school setting. I would approximate the entire series to be 150-200 lessons in length with audio recordings and PDF outlines available for each message. This resource could be put to good use in the church. See the entire series here.


6 thoughts on “Wayne Grudem + Systematic Theology

  1. Ben and I have been going through parts of this book for IBS. It’s been a great resource!

  2. Sorry Tony…didn’t sign that…

    ~Jeni Russell

    BTW did you get my message on FB a while ago?

  3. Hello Jeni!!! Yes, Karalee and I received your note and we immediately broke out into rejoicing and praise to our merciful and faithful God for what we read. This news is one of the highlights of my year and I printed your update out.


    PS- I apologize for not getting back to you (usually I forget to re-wall in FB)!

  4. I’m taking my Senior High Sunday School class through this book and they’re eating it up. Supplemented with some Reymond, it’s food for their souls.

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