The local church and cultural resistance

“Over the years I’ve come to believe that pastors are the most important subscribers I have [to the Mars Hill Audio Journal] because I think a local church congregation is the basic unit of cultural resistance. If we are really going to be countercultural—which I think Christians need to be to avoid worldliness—that is not just done as individuals, or as individual families, but you need a community of people, committed to one another and committed to sharing life together, to be countercultural.”

–Ken Myers, in his recent interview with Mark Dever, “Christians and Culture with Ken Myers”.

2 thoughts on “The local church and cultural resistance

  1. In the last few years, i had been following the impact of changing culture and its “intrusion” on the church as a local entity and the need for treading carefully the tight rope of change. On one side there is a strong pull towards conservative school of thought that advocates resistance and on the other hand is the group that pushes for liberal thinking. The role of a shepherd in carefully guiding the flock thru the change without changing a dot or a coma from the scriptural foundations, is indeed an effort that requires indepth understanding of the Spirit behind the leters.

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