Works of Martin Luther in PDF?

Anyone know where I can find the 55-vol works of Luther in electronic PDF format? I’m aware of the Logos/Libronix software, but I’m looking for a straight PDF version that I can search through Abode Acrobat Reader. Does something like this exist? Thanks for your input! Tony

10 thoughts on “Works of Martin Luther in PDF?

  1. if you have a Kindle or an iPhone, the complete works are available in a searchable form for around 4 dollars

  2. the google book editions are scanned and won’t be searchable as a PDF, I believe.

  3. Thanks Nicholas and Chad. Surely the 55 volumes have been compiled into a collection of PDFs. The search is growing warmer …

  4. Four things:

    1) You can always convert things to .pdf (i.e., if you can print it, you can convert it)… so the format shouldn’t be too important.

    2) Check out I am pretty sure they have most of Luther’s works. You can download almost any format of file there.

    3) Check out this page:

    4) Say ‘Hi!’ to Walt Alexander for me!

    Hope that this is helpful!

  5. Just curious why you want PDFs over the Libronix edition. Is it an issue of money? In my opinion, the Scripture reference tagging alone makes it worth the money. You can find any place Luther cites any passage of Scripture in just a second or two—invaluable.

  6. It is a twofold concern that (1) Libronix is overpriced and (2) I’m not convinced I want my ebooks (the +$100 ones) locked into a specific platform. I’m very happy with the search string capacities of Adobe Reader and would prefer the universal file format of PDF. Just my preferences I suppose, Phil.

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