Redneck Portrait

Once the roar from my little iPhone speaker echoes throughout the house the children descend. I don’t call for them, because there is no need to fill them in on what I’m doing or where I’m at. They know and they will find me. The first to sprint into the room is my oldest son who jumps in tight for the best view. My daughter follows on his heels to grab the second best seat in the house. My little son follows a moment later, clutching the toys he didn’t think of releasing before running. He jumps on the dog pile and usually accepts the least favorable view in the house. And there, laid out on the bed, all four of us focus on the small video screen, and watch a successive stream of YouTube clips featuring the boisterous tricks of monster trucks.


7 thoughts on “Redneck Portrait

  1. After Mike and I read your post about Monster Trucks, we asked, “But why?”
    Then we remembered the title.
    Great photograph!

  2. …Do Rednecks use iPods, iPhones or use the money they might spend on iAnythings to follow Monster Truck Events?
    Just wondering.
    iMight be surprised at the iStuff Rednecks use, mightn’t i?!
    iMean look at YOU!! (hee hee)
    Rednecks are so complex…

  3. My favorite family. :) Thanks for choosing the safer and greener choice to watch monster trucks. :)

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