8 thoughts on “Happy 500th

  1. Given that I’m living in a form of purgatory (low carb diet) and cannot eat a cake like this, perhaps the image does incite in me idolatrous desires. Perhaps it arises out of sinful urges for sugar. Pray for me. Cake can be an idol, yes.

  2. Where would the Israelites be with a low-carb diet? Alas, all that manna and not a soul to eat it!

    And to whom should the Lord God give “the finest of the wheat” if the whole world has turned its back on carbos?

    What times we live in…Oh my.

    Give me a tankard of ale and a big hunk of fresh bread with real butter and cheese. Ah, sweet gifts!


  3. Pity me; eating celery sticks by the fistfuls, choking down cardboard tasting tortillas, snacking on cottage cheese, eating cheese by the brick, drinking coffee without sugar… Makes me sick just thinking about the confines of my diet. It is not how God intended. The Garden was not low-carb either. Thanks for the snack-time temptations, T-Bomb the diet killer. I will not be persuaded, I will not stray!!

  4. Oh brother, I am delighted that you are being weaned from putting sugar in your coffee…

    You know, you might as well ditch the cream as well. Black is beautiful, ain’t it?


  5. From the Wiki article on C.M. Kornbluth (a great sci-fi writer):

    “Kornbluth disliked black coffee, but felt obliged to acquire a taste for it because he believed that professional authors were “supposed to” drink black coffee. He trained himself by putting gradually less cream into each cup of coffee he drank, until he eventually “weaned himself” (Knight’s description) and switched to black coffee.”

    There you go.

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