Vacationing, planning, writing

For the next two weeks I am vacationing with my wife and kids. It will be a loooong road trip (1,250 miles each way) and I’d appreciate your prayers for safety. We are presently in Nebraska and enjoying the unseasonably tolerable July weather.

jon+babeOne of the road trip highlights was our stop at the Bob Feller museum in VanMeter, Iowa. Housed at this museum are all types of uniforms and baseballs from Feller’s hall of fame pitching career in baseball. Included is the bat that Babe Ruth leaned on in 1948 during his famous farewell photo taken at Yankee Stadium shortly before his death. The Yanks were playing Cleveland that day and somehow Ruth grabbed Feller’s bat. Cool to see such a treasure of baseball lore buried in a tiny farm town hidden by the Iowa countryside. After leaving the little museum we stumbled upon the high school baseball field and my son and I tossed a ball for about an hour. Surely Feller learned to throw a fastball here on this grass. I yelled across the field to my wife who was setting out lunch on a picnic table, “Is this heaven?”

As time has allowed on this trip I’ve been using the downtime during this vacation to write and finalize a book proposal. While I cannot yet reveal the book’s topic, I mention it for your prayerful support. I’ll be submitting my proposal to the publisher within the next month and find myself in need of your prayers (as always).

And because one or two of you care, here were the three books I chose to bring along on summer vacation:

I’ll blog as time allows (which may be infrequently until I return to D.C.). I appreciate your prayers.

Off to a day at the zoo.


3 thoughts on “Vacationing, planning, writing

  1. There are now three of us who care about what you are reading! Thanks for letting us know.

    Consider your travels and your book situation prayed for.


  2. Was shoeless Joe Jackson on the field with you and your son there in Iowa? Have a nice vacation, I’ll be first in line for your new book no matter what the subject matter.

  3. I did so pray, but you should be warned. My son and his friend also had my prayers as the left California for Chicago to return via the Historic Route 66. Their journey ended safely, but prematurely, in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

    The travelers were safe, but the car was a total loss. Perhaps I shall add a prayer for your vehicle, as well, lest you should have to visit your own Battle Mountain.


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