The documentary, Collision, filmed during the debates between Douglas Wilson (Christian; right) and Christopher Hitchens (atheist; left) is now available for pre-order from Amazon ($13.99). The film will be released at the end of October. I’ve watched the film and was impressed with both the aesthetic qualities and the amount of substantive debate captured in 90 minutes. The debates between the two—which spill over into the train depot, the limo rides, the dinners and lunches—is quite engaging. The DVD is a nice complement to the book and the full debates, but it will not satisfy the viewer who wants to understand all the arguments on either side. All that said, I recommend the DVD.

4 thoughts on “Collision

  1. Ok, I am totally not getting why there is so much hype about this. I just wasted 65 minutes of my life listening to the “debate” on the wts website.

    I was expected Bahnsen-esque, I suppose. But what I got was bad argumentation on both sides. The conversation rambled, failed to respond to each others points, stayed on the surface, and lacked substance.

    I’ll admit the DVD promos made it look super cool. I have now walked away unimpressed with the debate but really, really impressed at the video editors who took what is perhaps the worst debate I’ve ever heard and made it look like the next biggest hollywood blockbuster.

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