Introducing John Owen

Sinclair Ferguson once said that when he reads the works of Puritan John Owen he wonders why he reads anyone else. High praise. And today I stumbled upon a video of Carl Trueman on the value of John Owen, structured around four points. The 10-minute video provides a nice introduction to Owen’s theology:

(1) Owen’s thinking was catholic [broad].
(2) Owen’s theology was Church-focused.
(3) Owen’s theology follows the Calvinist tradition.
(4) Owen’s theology was thoroughly Trinitarian.

If you’re not familiar with Owen, here are 4 book recommendations:

Beginners: Mortification of Sin (Banner of Truth)
Beginners: The Glory of Christ (Banner of Truth)
Advanced: Overcoming Sin And Temptation (Crossway)
Advanced: Communion with the Triune God (Crossway)

2 thoughts on “Introducing John Owen

  1. Tony, I am a recent subscriber to your blog and I am enjoying it very much. I also am trying to be a regular reader of the Puritans. As a lay person and beginner, I was encouraged by the “Holy Spirit” by John Owen. There is an easier to read edition by Banner of Truth that I really enjoyed.

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