Shai Linne

Shai Linne is a gifted reformed rapper. I’ve mentioned him in the past and I really enjoy his albums and especially his cross-centered lyrics. Recently he was in town for the WorshipGod09 conference. Here is a YouTube clip of him rapping “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” the biblical storyline in 4-minutes. You can download the song here.

7 thoughts on “Shai Linne

  1. I have been a long time follower of your blog. Your posts are always refreshing and challenging. Love Shai Linne’s music. I agree that his Theology is very solid.

  2. The first time I heard Shai Linne was your link to the right on Playing on Tony’s iPod. Normally I don’t like rap, I am an old school rocker, but I was enthralled by Shai’s ability to preach the Gospel. I immediately bought his CD The Atonement. Excellent stuff!

  3. Hey, Tony.
    I had lunch with Shai just this week. He emailed me a few days before and wondered if he could come on over to Banner and spend some time. How I rejoice in the grace of God that is so evident in this guy’s life. He was enough to make this ol’ Banner of Truth dude download a rap CD.
    Steve Burlew, Banner of Truth

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