A digest of the week’s tweets:

RT @randyalcorn: Lewis said, God is good, but He isn’t safe. Until we face His uncompromising holiness, we will never grasp His amazing grace.

Bizarre file: Ted Williams decapitated head–now frozen–was beaten by lab techs like a t-ball… http://bit.ly/2A3e2Y

J.I. Packer: “As I grow old, I want to tell everyone: ‘I am so thankful for the penal substitutionary death of Christ. No hope without it.'”

RT @SovereignGrace: C.J. Mahaney’s recent conference message to pastors is now online (video/audio). http://bit.ly/1R28SD

RT @douglaswils: I am going to do my level best to keep this real. No artificial tweeteners.

New: Read the intro to Timothy Keller’s new book, Counterfeit Gods … http://bit.ly/u8PED // Cant wait for this one!

Nice review of the God Exposed conference this weekend at SEBTS … http://bit.ly/429VnF

RT @jsd…: Just threw tgthr a planning worksheet 4 Driscoll’s “The Biblical Man” msg http://tinyurl.com/ybdw9o6

Great hanging with CJ, the folks of 9Marks (MD, Thabiti, McKinley), SEBTS (Akin clan), and SovGraceNC (Sasser clan and staff) all weekend!

One thought on “FWIW

  1. Tony, the planning worksheet for Driscoll’s “Biblical Man” is very helpful. I was wondering if you could link to the particular one you developed the sheet from.

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