MLB Playoffs

So the MLB playoff teams are set:


St. Louis Cardinals (91-71)
Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67)

Colorado Rockies (92-70)
Philadelphia Phillies (93-69)


Boston Red Sox (95-67)
Los Angeles Angels (97-65)

Minnesota Twins (87-76)
New York Yankees (103-59)

My predictions:

NL: Cardinals/Phillies=Cardinals
AL: Red Sox/Yankees=Red Sox

World Series=Red Sox in 7.

Who do you have in the WS?


13 thoughts on “MLB Playoffs

  1. As another Cardinals fan I say Cards / Yankees. But I think the Yankees will win in 7. The Red Sox made my list back in ’04 and I’d be happy if they had another 86 year dry spell.

  2. Sorry, the Twins, Royals, Mets, Braves, etc are on the same list. And if it comes down to Cards / Yankees they will be on the list too. The Boston win in ’04 really hurt. Baseball is about the only thing to which the word “grudge” really applies.

    I do appreciate the correct spelling of Nazgul however. (how does one put the little thing over the u?)

  3. You said: “The Boston win” … I think you meant to say: “The Boston sweep…”

    As for the û … I just copy-and-paste it from Gûgle. I couldn’t tell you how to û apart from this. Sorry if you thought I have some secret LOTR shortcuts on my keyboard.

  4. There are two things in life that make me physically ill: (1) Arminianism and (2) the Boston Red Sox. I’m picking the Yankees to win the series over the Phillies in 6 games.

  5. As I began typing out this post, I thought to myself: “We will be hearing from Bill today!” And right I was. … Of course I cannot hope for any victories for a team that owns Manny. Sorry, Bill.

  6. I always pick the royals. I have a complex scenario involving swine flu and a cloning machine to get them in it.

    The writer in me loves the Joe torre homecoming scenario. But I don’t really like the dodgers or the Yankees.

  7. As a Red Sox fan, I really appreciate your pick, but I really don’t feel that optimistic. I thinks the Yankees take the AL (sorry to say, but gotta call it like I see it), play the Phils in the WS, and the Phillies pull it out in 7.

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