Babel’s Tower and My Schedule

“We are all expert planners, are we not? Those people [the builders of Babel’s Tower] were planners. They drew the specifications of the city. They had it all worked out. We all do that in life, do we not? You have your plans. Your future life and career are mapped out. You know what you want to do. Where does God come in? Is the plan made under God, or is it made apart from him? The one lesson of [Genesis 11] is that if you plan your life without God at the center, it will come to nothing, nothing at all. It will be as futile and as fatuous as the Tower of Babel. God will come down and will destroy it, whether you like that or not. This is the whole history of the Bible. It is the history of the subsequent centuries after the end of the Bible. It is the history of the twentieth century. The human race is not allowed to build a civilization without God, and you are not allowed to build your life without God.”

—Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Gospel in Genesis: From Fig Leaves to Faith (Crossway, 2009), p. 141.

2 thoughts on “Babel’s Tower and My Schedule

  1. Thanks! that is true and something to ponder as we plan and schedule our daily lives. Man makes his plans but God directs our path.

  2. I just lost my Dad six days ago and I can attest to the fact that God will certainly reveal to us just how many plans we have made without Him. This was nothing I had planned on for at least twenty years. His death was sudden and by no means expected. Lloyd-Jones is correct. When we are under the rod of our heavenly Father, we must, even with tears in our eyes proclaim, ‘blessed be the name of the Lord’. God will be glorified. It is our duty to seek that we should glorify Him with honor versus shame.

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