On the Prosperity gospel

Today I feature two videos on the prosperity gospel. The first documents the prosperity gospel in west Africa (specifically); the second contains a theological response to the prosperity gospel (generally).

(1) Here is a new Christianity Today video (9 minutes) documenting the prosperity gospel in Ghana [HT:JT]:

(2) Here is John Piper’s 11-minute video summary of concerns titled “Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel”:

4 thoughts on “On the Prosperity gospel

  1. my wife and I have actually been to a church in colorado, believers way, a church plant by copeland ministries and the sermon was this very text that john uses to argue FOR being prosperous. We stood up and left. I couldn’t believe it. We were on vacation, and thought the church would be fine to visit having no idea about copeland ministries UNTIL that sunday. Unbelievable. I hate this gospel it with all my being.

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