On Decision Making

“Proverbs, and the wisdom literature in general, counter the idea that being spiritual means handing all decisions over to the leading of the Lord. The opposite is true. Proverbs reveals that God does not make all people’s decisions for them, but rather expects them to use his gift of reason to interpret the circumstances and events of life within the framework of revelation that he has given. Yet when they have exercised their responsibility in decision-making, they can look back and see that the sovereign God has guided.”

Graeme Goldsworthy, in the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (IVP 2000), p. 210. See also Gospel and Wisdom in the Goldsworthy Trilogy.

6 thoughts on “On Decision Making

  1. This is a very interesting quotation. I think that a lot of times Christians do NOTHING, waiting for some type of earth-shaking revelation of direction. I know sometimes I fall into that paralysis.

  2. Tony: I have been unsuccessful finding a link in your past blog entries of March 2007 that will take me to the audio of Sinclair Ferguson’s final (of three) message at the 2007 Banner of Truth Pastor’s conference. I see the links to his first two messages, but how can I get to his final message on “Walking in the Spirit”?

  3. Tony,

    Sorry for the cross post, but I couldn’t find an email link for either you or C.J. over at Sovereign Grace.

    Today’s posting about Vanessa and her entry in the ESV Study Bible contest touched my heart. Maybe you could start collecting to buy her two pastors an ESVSB in memory of each of her twins. If so, then count me in for $20 to get it started. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for this one Tony… I sent it to my wife and told her we need to make some obvious decisions and stop waiting for God to come down and write it on our whiteboard.

  5. Great quote – thanks for sharing. Enjoyed DeYoung’s “Just Do Something” earlier this year and here Goldsworthy hits the same note.

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