Sin, the Menace to Certainty

Today in the articles section of I added a new paper: “Sin, the Menace to Certainty” by Joel Heflin, a paper presented at ETS, Nov. 2009. View the PDF here.

“…This paper will present and evaluate Bavinck’s theology of sin and the donum superadditum. This paper will show that Bavinck’s doctrine of sin and salvation takes the federalist position from confessional theology as a solution to the subjective approach of positivism and the Neoplatonic duality of supernaturalism. To achieve these goals this paper will first address a few key themes in Bavinck’s prolegomena followed by analysis of the superadded gift within his doctrines of sin and salvation. We close with an assessment of Bavinck’s theology and his claim to certainty in the Reformed expression of the donum.”

Thanks Joel!

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