‘Everyone who acknowledges me before men…’

Notwithstanding your opinion of these men, their political leanings, the flavor of this show, the topic at hand, or how the topic was handled, it is marvelous to hear the name of Christ “acknowledged before men” on television. Jesus promised that “everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 10:32). That is no easy achievement (vv. 16–25). But it’s a stunning promise.

6 thoughts on “‘Everyone who acknowledges me before men…’

  1. This has convicted me. I had cast more judgement on Tiger Woods than I had compassion for him. I’m no different in that I need Christ as well, much in the same way. Brit Hume’s compassion is right on and quite beautiful.

  2. Thanks for posting this Tony. As a previous individual has commented—— most excellent indeed! Very thankful for Brit Hume speaking so openly for Christ.

  3. While it is excellent to hear this man directing Tiger Woods and the world to seek Christ, is there not still grave error in saying that he did not want to degrigate the Buddist faith—that is—the very lies from Satan that this Buddist religion supports? We live in a day that is not so offended by your faith—as long as you will confess that you still embrace ALL faiths. That is to say– “We are the world” and we can all live in harmony. I was born and raised in California from a very large family– and I stand alone in my stance upon Christ ALONE. This is where my family is the most agitated with me and bristles so with contempt.
    Janae–now on the East

  4. I stand corrected as I listened to it again- hearing him state that “the Buddist faith did not offer forgiveness and redemption that is offered in the Christian faith”…I pray that I may not waffle if ever in the position-opportunity- that he had on national television. Looking to ourselves–lest we (I)fall.
    Thank you for posting this-

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