4 thoughts on “Warning

  1. That was fun! That seems “right up your alley” and if that “alley” is lined with great books, that’s a good thing, right!!
    Oh! Coffee beans as natural odor absorbers!!! Gotta try that one!

  2. Makes me realize that I’m going to need to tell my wife that I’m turning our entire basement into my personal study / library. ;) Too bad you can’t put out canisters of used coffee grounds as odor absorbers. I’d hate to see all that coffee go to waste.

  3. As a rite of graduation the Mohler’s always have students who are graduating from SBTS over to their house the day before graduation and I loved being able to walk through there and see that Dr. Mohler doesn’t just collect books, but every book in there is useful and he has said to have read all of the tens of thousands of books down there..of course not reading the referential material page by page..

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