Bookshelf Warping

The Philistines of literature live in the reference section. This is where unabridged dictionaries walk. On Monday, while out on a used book hunting trip with the family, I spotted this beast—the 3,200 page Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition (1937). Its neighbor, the Oxford dictionary weighs 5.4 pounds. I tried holding the Webster. I’d guess it weighs over 30 pounds, the Goliath of reference books. (Sure makes me thankful for online dictionaries!)

5 thoughts on “Bookshelf Warping

  1. The Oxford dictionary to which you refer here is a condensed version. The original OED is composed of 20-volumes and weighs in at 137 pounds!!

  2. Not for $60 I didn’t, Tom. But I would be lying if I denied that in my mind I had cleared a spot in my library for it. Call it self-control I suppose.

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