From economist Jay W. Richards in his book Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem (HarperOne, 2009), page 183:

“You’ve heard it a million times. The earth is overpopulated. We’re breeding like rabbits and eating like locusts, and soon we’ll run out of food, farmland, and fuel. We are members of the crew of ‘Spaceship Earth.’ We have to preserve our dwindling supply of provisions or our mission will soon be aborted. Our industrial technology is poisoning the water, the soil, and the air. If we don’t make radical changes now, it will be too late. We’ll destroy the earth. We’ll all die.

Fears about running out of resources are as old as the human race. But this planet-sized vision of disaster started with the nineteenth-century demographer Thomas Malthus. In his early writings, he predicted that a swelling human population would quickly overtake food production and lead to widespread famine. He was wrong, of course: it didn’t happen and still hasn’t. He changed his tune in his later years, but that hasn’t discouraged a long line of Malthus wannabes from updating this old argument by moving the date forward, like those Bible-prophecy experts who keep missing and then moving the date of Jesus’s return.”

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