‘Our best havings are wantings’

From a letter written by C. S. Lewis (5 November 1954) and published here:

“About death, I go through different moods, but the times when I can desire it are never, I think, those when this world seems harshest. On the contrary, it is just when there seems to be most of Heaven already here that I come nearest to longing for the patria [the heavenly homeland]. It is the bright frontispiece which whets one to read the story itself. All joy (as distinct from mere pleasure, still more amusement) emphasizes our pilgrim status: always reminds, beckons, awakes desire. Our best havings are wantings.”

2 thoughts on “‘Our best havings are wantings’

  1. Thanks.
    I just read this in Lewis Collected Letters last night. Similar sentiment from earthly side…

    “A little sense of labor is necessary to all perfect pleasures I think: just as (to my palate at least) there is no really delicious taste without a touch of astringency – the bite in alcoholic drinks, the resistance to the teeth in nuts or meat, the tartness of fruit. The apple must not be TOO sweet, the cheese must not be TOO mild.”

  2. Having a good place to go always makes preparations for the journey much less tedious, or so one would think. Sadly, too many Christians in today’s world have lost sight of our ultimate destination. As a result,they (we) squander countless opportunities to bear witness to the grace of God by expending more and more energy acquiring more and more “stuff” in this temporary world. May we take to heart Paul’s statement, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21, NKJV)

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