The Drama of Doctrine

From Kevin Vanhoozer’s stimulating book, The Drama of Doctrine (2005), page 39:

“The Gospel is ‘the greatest drama ever staged … a terrifying drama of which God is the victim and the hero’ [Dorothy Sayers]. Drama is a composite of word and deed: at times the language of action drowns out the words, at other times the words carry the action along. Yet what God was doing in Jesus Christ ultimately makes sense only according to the biblical script that places the person and work of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament context of creation and covenant. There is a cosmic stage and a covenantal plot; there is conflict; there is a climax; there is resolution. Evangelical theology deals not with disparate bits of ideas and information but with divine doings—with all-embracing cosmic drama that displays the entrances and exoduses of God.”

Today on his blog, Justin Taylor posted two videos of Vanhoozer lecturing at SEBTS. These videos comprise a nice abbreviated summary of The Drama of Doctrine.

Gospel Theater: Staging, Scripting, Directing (50 min)

Gospel Theater: Rehearsing, Improvising, Performing (53 min)

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