Cultural Commitments

In a 2008 interview D.A. Carson said:

“There is a danger of being so cross-cultural, multi-cultural, inter-cultural, that you become nothing to nobody so that by no means can you win anybody. You’re always above the fray, you never belong anywhere.”

2 thoughts on “Cultural Commitments

  1. This is, indeed, a personal challenge for me. I was an unbeliever far from the faith, a seeker without a compass, and an agnostic in almost every aspect of thinking and living. God chased me like the Hound of Heaven, and drove me into the fold. Unfortunately, I have no history or culture to define me as to culture, Christian or otherwise. I am still on a journey. If not for my family, I might truly be nothing to nobody.


  2. Thanks for the comment and for sharing your testimony Michael. Wonderful grace! Carson here is talking about pastors/preachers that are so intent on being so culturally relevant, so culturally uncommitted, that they find themselves un-cultural. This has a ministry context I did not make clear from the start.

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