Union with Christ

One of the largest theological brains that you can siphon information from through the blogotubes is attached to the neck of Phil Gons. While searching online for stuff I came across his exhaustive bibliography of books on the topic of “Union with Christ.” It’s a very helpful and comprehensive list. Phil has divided the bibliography into 9 categories:

  1. Top Picks
  2. Dictionary and Encyclopedia Articles
  3. Chapters or Sections in Systematic Theologies
  4. Chapters or Sections in Biblical Theologies
  5. Chapters or Sections in Other Books
  6. Books
  7. Journal and Magazine Articles
  8. Conference Papers
  9. Dissertations and Theses

See his full bibliography here.

One thought on “Union with Christ

  1. Ah!!!! I had this bookmarked — oh, I don’t know how long ago, and I couldn’t find it, and the Lord kept nudging me in your direction, because here it is!

    You can’t imagine how I am smiling. Thanks be to God!
    I have my reading list!

    God uses you and I give Him all glory!

    My warmest, humble regards, Mr. Rienke….
    and sincere gratitude in Christ.

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