Church Security Conference

Violence against Christians, pastors, and local churches has been a problem from since the first Christians, pastors, and local churches appeared on the scene. And while church security is always a concern, from my vantage point it has not been a common topic of conversation. The concern now has a voice and a venue–the SBTS Vigilance conference (July 20–22).

From the conference website: “The Vigilance Conference will equip pastors, leaders, administrators, as well as safety and security staff to think biblically about their role as shepherds and providing for the physical security of their flock. Southern Seminary invites you to join the top names in safety and security to address crucial topics such as executive protection, risk management, and security systems.”

My friend Brian Gallagher, a security professional who directs security for national conferences like Together for the Gospel and NEXT, will be leading one of the seminars. And if all the speakers know half as much about security as Brian does the Vigilance conference will be a dandy.

2 thoughts on “Church Security Conference

  1. While I agree that we need to be on top of this situation and proactive when it comes to security and safety at the church, I am also somewhat saddened by the fact that this is the reality.

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