Bolt on Bavinck

In anticipation of the release of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics as an ebook for Logos, Kent Hendricks asked leading Bavinck scholar John Bolt four questions:

  • Who was Herman Bavinck?
  • What is the mission and role of the Dutch Translation Society in translating the works of Bavinck and other theologians?
  • The translation project took a decade to complete. Can you describe the process? What was your role in the translation and editorial process?
  • You write in the introduction to Bavinck’s Prolegomena in volume 1 that “the Gereformeerd Dogmatiek represents the concluding high point of some four centuries of remarkably productive Dutch Reformed theological reflection,” including “Voetius, De Moor, Vitringa, van Mastricht, Witsius, and Walaeus.” How does Bavinck both reflect and develop the theological system of his predecessors?

Read Bolt’s answers here.

One thought on “Bolt on Bavinck

  1. Hi Tony
    How do you say “Bavinck?” I say BA vink [with a short A] but can you tell me the correct pronunciation, please?

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