Theological Learning

Old Testament sage Dr. Bruce Waltke in the introduction to his 1995 lectures on biblical theology (mentioned in yesterday’s post) said this:

The danger of a course like this is idolatry—that we’re learning facts, and there is always the danger of a lack of spiritual commitment. You can go through a course like this and not know God. We must remind ourselves constantly that we are dealing with, and learning about, God himself. And that is, to me, very humbling; and if it weren’t for the grace of God I would never attempt it. I must depend on the Holy Spirit. I am deeply conscious of that. And we need to remind ourselves constantly in this course that this is not just an intellectual exercise; that would destroy us spiritually, and we [would] puff ourselves up by our knowledge and abuse the Word of God. This is not something I just throw in here, it is foundational to my thinking. God, give me the grace to remember it, because I am so depraved that I forget it all the time.

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